Welcome to the Hassan Group Global Collection

Hassan Group, one of the leading financial services companies in the world, provides debt collection services in Europe and North America, as well as in Asia for more than 20,000 clients. 8,000 employees all over the world aim to find the best solutions for the clients of the Hassan Group. Together with trusted partners Hassan Group offers debt collection services in over 180 countries.

The global online portal of the Hassan Group for your international debt collection.

You may have a lot of customers in different countries abroad and consequently may also have to deal with outstanding payments in other countries. With Hassan Group, cultural differences, language barriers, different laws and geographical distance are a challenge you do not have to deal with: You can hand over your receivables to us easily - no matter where in the world you have outstanding payments, Hassan Group Global Collection supports fast and efficient collection services worldwide.

Cross-border solution

The debt collection process is handled by our partners locally. In this way we guarantee legal expertise while respecting local mentalities. You have just one contact person in your home country, who manages the whole complex area of international receivables management for you. Via your trusted and familiar contact you can benefit directly from our extensive experience and local know-how. Just let your international business grow and prosper! We will take care of its receivables management – anywhere in the world.

What you can expect from us:

  • A global network of correspondents with cross-border expertise
  • Regional know-how and consideration of country-specific customs
  • Fast, pre-legal and therefore cost-effective solutions with Hassan Group quality standards
  • A local contact person for the whole area of international receivables management

How does Hassan Group Global Collection work?

Hassan Group offers an international IT platform to optimize global workflows in debt collection between partners all around the world. This online portal ensures direct, transparent and real-time communication. All collection activities and results can be seen directly in the online portal. Country specific information, including our know-how of the local markets, collection procedures and information about the local legislation is also available to our partners and clients in English language.


How can you join / use Hassan Group Collection?

With Hassan Group you will have just one local contact person for the whole area of international receivables management. If you would like to learn more about Hassan Group please check the map to find your local contact or contact us under the e-mail address shown below the map. To benefit from all options that Hassan Group Global Collection has to offer, you will receive your login data from your local Hassan Group contact. Whenever you need an update on the progress of your international collection cases, just enter your user name and password. You will access the platform to find the requested status information with full data security.


Our international partner network

We offer debt collection services in over 180 countries, including 25 Hassan Group offices plus a strong, carefully selected network of partners around the world. Expert teams have regional know-how for both, commercial and consumer debts. We can support you with all sorts of collection services: from skip tracing to pre-legal, legal and post-legal debt collection. Our global partner network is characterised by the following:

  • Competent partners - Hassan Group owned companies, well-known debt collection companies and selected legal partners act locally.
  • Common perception - Our partners act according to our values and follow our Code of Conduct .ners - Hassan Group owned companies, well-known debt collection companies and selected legal partners act locally.
  • Permanent quality control - We guarantee expertise, rapid processing and cost optimisation
  • Reliable reporting - Partners report promptly, regularly and responsibly.

Our innovative technology

Our highly modern IT platform optimises global work flows to guarantee the best possible service and collection results.

  • regulates automated case transfers
  • connects our partners all over the world
  • is always up to date with transparent and real-time access to status information
  • ensures full data security and privacy
  • offers multiple reporting and controlling options

Our quality promise

Minimum quality standards for all cross-border network partners ensure an equally high quality worldwide.

We ensure when actions take place:

  • First letter will be sent within 1 working day
  • First phone call will be done within 10 working days

We ensure which actions take place:

  • Minimum 2 written reminders
  • Minimum 2 phone calls